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National UFO Reporting Center recordings

In 1974, Robert Gribble started the National UFO Reporing Center (NUFORC) near Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. The NUFORC's 24 hour hotline number was distributed to police, airports and military bases, with a request to refer claimed UFO witnesses to the NUFORC.

Gribble or his associates took hundreds of telephone calls from people who claimed to have seen UFOs. The NUFORC still operates as of March, 2009, now with Peter Davenport as director.

Witnesses range from ordinary citizens to pilots, military personnel, Federal Aviation Administration employees, police and scientists. The UFO cases range from lights in the skies to close-up encounters with flying saucers, cylindrical objects and other aircraft. Other calls include claimed encounters with animal mutilation, large Bigfoot-type beings, amnesia and possible alien abduction cases, or sightings of humanoid UFO occupants. A few calls show how meteors entering the Earth's atmosphere can be mistaken for something more exotic. Reports come from all 50 states, but lean towards the western half of America. Names and other identifying information are redacted, except in cases where claimed UFO witnesses went public with their stories, such as the Travis Walton abduction of 1975.

These zipped MP3 files contain over 250 recordings, sorted by year or subject. Files range from a few minutes long to roughly one hour. Audio quality is mostly fair to good, but some recordings are distorted with static, tape flutter or poor telephone connections. The text files summarize each call, including location, date and a brief description of the conversation and claimed UFO encounter.

These recordings were compiled and edited by Wendy Connors, who operated the now-defunct Faded Discs website. The NUFORC directory These recordings are in the public domain, and can be redistributed non-commercially, or reappropriated for other uses.


Reviewer: Hank NYC - - April 17, 2013
Subject: Highly Recommended for Those Seeking Truth
Anyone interested in the topic of UFOs and related phenomena will find these recordings extremely interesting and, in some cases, will have you on the edge of your seat!

My favorite out of the nearly 250 that I listened to was #242 – the CIA pilot who called shortly after encountering a UFO while crossing the Pacific from Korea to the U.S. west coast (this call was also mentioned by a reviewer below). He described how the UFO easily outmaneuvered his Phantom F411. At first I thought that this call was a hoax. But after listening to it again and again, and within the context of ALL the recorded phone conversations, I now believe that this was a real call. The pilot is clearly shaken, dumbfounded, scared, and confused, and he talks like someone whose entire paradigm has just completely shifted to reveal a new reality.

Robert Gribble is a consummate professional, always remaining calm and cool and taking extreme caution not to reveal his own opinions to callers or ask them leading questions. Call after call from commercial and military pilots, air traffic controllers, sheriffs, police officers, and ordinary citizens from all walks of life demonstrate that unknown vehicles of incomprehensible technology are visiting us from God-knows-where for God-knows-what purpose. Serious researchers such as Dolan, Friedman, Hopkins, and Jacobs have already shed a lot of light on this fascinating subject, which continues to be ignored and/or ridiculed by mainstream science and media. Meanwhile the government, military, and intelligence communities continue their policy of denial. But seeing is believing, and those who have seen know the truth.

Be sure to listen to the Supplemental recordings too – they include interviews with Robert Gribble and phone conversations between Gribble and representatives of other UFO organizations.

As Prime Minister Eric Gairy of Grenada put it, "flying saucers, call them what you may, must necessarily in some way or the other, influence the life of our people on this Earth-planet… We would be more than naive to accept any theory that Earth is the only, the total estate of God's domain. There must be other planets; there must be other creatures; there must be other living things; we're not the most intelligent of God's creatures." Amen.
Reviewer: gl1200phil - - August 2, 2011
Subject: A Diary of UFO Activities in the USA in the 70s
These recordings are an incredible diary of the UFO phenomena in the USA in the mid 70s. No one can listen to these recordings and deny that SOMETHING wasn't happening! Mr Bob Gribble got the phone number of the NUFORC to most of the law enforcement agencies, civilian and military airports, and federal authorities in USA, which in and of itself, must have been one incredible undertaking! All of these agencies referred people reporting unidentified aerial phenomena to NUFORC. The close cooperation of civilian air authorities, military authorities, local and state law enforcement and the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), demonstrates that these agencies WERE NOT in denial of the fact that some unknown activities were going on in the skies over the United States! These recordings are an incredible diary of the UFO phenomena in the USA. These recordings document the sightings and no one with an unbiased attitude, can listen to the recordings and claim that nothing out of the realm of normality was taking place.

The Travis Walton incident, possibly the most famous of all cases and the basis for several movies, is documented here with day by day reports from Travis' family during the five days of his disappearance and his later reappearance.

Excerpted recordings of the calls of the Travis Walton abduction can be found here:

MANY reports from COMMERCIAL PILOTS, military pilots, and civilian pilots. MANY reports from LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS, military officers and noncoms. One of the most interesting calls, was one recorded from a report from a CIA PILOT, who had an encounter returning to the US, from a secret mission in Asia, in an undisclosed top secret jet over the Pacific (SR71 Blackbird?). These reports put to an end, the claim that no reliable witnesses ever see UFOs!

As a side note, in 1994, I went to my first Mufon meeting in Bothell WA, a suburb of Seattle, and didn't know anything about the NUFORC. It just so happened Mr Gribble was there announcing the handing over the "reins" of the NUFORC to Peter Davenport. After that, Peter would come and give a report at the meetings and he'd always kindly speak informally with us after the meetings. A very knowledgeable man, he knew a lot about other phenomena. I remember him giving a presentation on the Tunguska Event, which got me very interested in it and led me to reading up on the event. A very kind and affable gentleman! Unfortunately for me my work schedule didn't allow me to continue the meetings for very long, but I always get a kick out of it when I hear Peter reporting on Coast to Coast AM or other radio programs, and I can boast to myself, "I've met the man and I have talked with him!"
Reviewer: Kandinskys - - April 19, 2011
Subject: Tribute to Wendy Connors, NUFORC &
These recordings span the years 1974-77 with 7 more from '78 and '86. There are some 255 recordings of UFO and humanoid sightings reported to NUFORC. Bob Gribble was the founder and principal recorder of the reports. Wendy Connors (through the defunct Faded Discs Archive), has made these recordings available to UFO researchers.

They represent all colours and flavours of the UFO phenomena. We have people reporting bolides, physical craft and lights in the skies. The saga of the Travis Walton case is duly recorded; his brother talks to Bob Gribble the very day before he returned and some might find the tone of voice interesting.

What makes the recordings so valuable is their existence as social documents of a phenomena that's still clouded in mystery. These are real people relating experiences that had only just happened to them. There are FAA reports, sheriffs, military and civilians...a cross-section of everyone.

Without Connors and Gribble, the experiences of the people might never have passed the zip-code of the events. These tapes won't shed much light on the UFO phenomena, but they at least confirm that there is a mystery.

Combined with these tapes is a pdf file. It's important to download this as well. It lists the dates and details of all the numbered mp3 files.

I downloaded these a long time ago and became one of the other several hundred to take without acknowledgment. This review is to make up for my taking such things for granted.

Without Connors, NUFORC and, these files would only exist in a UFO research archive and be unavailable to most people. The next time I download a file, I'll be adding stars and comments.

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